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the rock, the lake, and other things
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Welcome to the original livejournal community for Cleveland, Ohio!

i'm roses_rejoice, founder and (very) occasional moderator.
this is a place to discuss cleveland music, art, architecture, sports, beer, suburbs, the lake, the zoo, the parks, the clubs, and life in general. say hello. post your photos of any of the above. or of yourself and your friends.

sorry, but this is NOT a place to discuss drew carey, post personal ads, or make dead-lake/ burning-river jokes. for those topics, please use your own journal or start your own community.

other than that, all topics are fair game as long as they have a local connection and the poster observes the general rules of posting politesse - i.e. do not spam the community, do not harass other members, and so on.

important: because this is a general readership community, all material that is not work-safe or child-friendly, particularly pictures or show flyers containing full or partial nudity, MUST be put behind a cut or it will be deleted.

New Rule Update 2-24-09: While Cleveland has some problems and those problems/ people's opinions of them are valid topics of discussion, this community is also meant to serve as a resource for people seeking specific information, rather than long opinionated discussions/ arguments on general topics. Also, presumably much of the general information about crime, economic depression, etc. in the city is already publicly known or readily available via search engines. Therefore, members who wish to discuss potentially controversial topics of a general nature (e.g. problems they think they city has in general; the city's general negative image compared to other cities; crime statistics of a general (as opposed to specific neighborhood) nature, etc.) should start their own post about these topics, or respond to a post of a general nature. In the interest of providing information to people who are seeking it without a flame war breaking out, and in the interest of not having the same arguments over and over every time someone asks whether X neighborhood is good to live in, general discussions about city crime, city problems, etc. will no longer be permitted in the context of a post focusing on a specific neighborhood or asking for specific information. Repeat offenders, as well as those who repeatedly disrespect other community members, will be warned and/or banned on a case-by-case basis.

Spam Clarification Policy (Updated August 11, 2008): Off-topic spam and bot spam is of course prohibited and will be deleted. For on-topic flyers, event announcements and so on, please do not "spam the community" by posting the same flyer or announcement repeatedly within a short span of time. For example, don't post the flyer every day for several days preceding the event. Usually one posting of the flyer a few days to a week before the event and then a second announcement, perhaps with a different flyer or different text, within 24 hours of the event is sufficient. This community is not heavy traffic and repeated postings for the same event rapidly overwhelm the flow. If you are looking for additional places to post your fliers and event announcements multiple times, you might try other local interest communities like cleve_music, cleveland_indie, Myspace, etc.

please note that if you have a question or issue regarding whether something is appropriate, in your opinion, for this community, you should e-mail me at roses_rejoice@livejournal.com. if you do not get a response that way within 24 hours (as some people have complained about e-mail not going through to LJ addresses in a timely manner) you can feel free to post a comment to any entry I have made in this community and the comment should be promptly delivered to me by LJ. or you can message me on the myspace that has the same e-mail as listed above; please put "cleveoh community" in your subject line so I don't think you're a spammer or serial adder.

criticism or disagreement about the subject matter of a post is fine, but please do not question other people's right to post something without checking with me. if you are not sure whether your post is appropriate for the community, please feel free to check with me before posting. i reserve the right as your moderator to have the final say in what types of posts are permitted on the community; i will probably opt for the broad approach whenever possible.
thanks for playing.

you may also want to check out cleve_music for information about bands and music in the Cleveland area.

PLEASE NOTE: This community supports the posting of flyers and ads for Cleveland shows and events, but please click here for guidelines regarding these postings, especially if you're planning on posting flyers/ads on a regular basis. If you have a question regarding flyers/ads, simply leave a comment on the above-linked post to contact the moderator.
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